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A taste as old as water 05 January, 2010

“The whole Mediterranean, the sculpture, the palm, the gold beads, the bearded heroes, the wine, the ideas, the ships, the moonlight, the winged gorgons, the bronze men, the philosophers -all of it seems to rise in the sour, pungent taste of these black olives between the teeth. A taste older than meat, older than wine. A taste as old as cold water.”
Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990)

Liquid gold 03 January, 2010

In ancient Greece olive oil was used for cooking, as medicine and for religious purposes. They used it for light as it was the principal source of fuel for lamps. It was also used for perfumes, soaps, lubricants as well as in offerings and magic!


Homer called it "Liquid gold" and Hippocrates "The great therapeutic".



The olive 12 December, 2009

"I like them all, but especially the olive. For what it symbolizes, first of all, peace with its leaves and joy with its golden oil."

Aldous Huxley