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Why organic?

17 February 2010


Organic produce is not covered in a cocktail of poisonous chemicals. The average conventionally-grown apple has 20-30 artificial poisons on its skin, even after rinsing. Trust your instincts, and go organic!

Organic farms support and nurture our beautiful and diverse wildlife. Over the last thirty years, intensive farming in the UK has led to dramatic erosion of the soil, a fall of up to 70% of wild birds in some areas, the destruction of ancient hedgerows, and the near extinction of some of the most beautiful species of butterflies, frogs, grass-snakes and wild mammals.

For more reasons to go organic check out Ysanne's blog OrganicFoodee

Ysanne is a British food writer giving her writing, cooking and food observations a unique twist. OrganicFoodee is one of the favourite organic food blogs, with readers on every continent.

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Eat the seasons

05 February 2010


For UK seasonal food information, tips and recipe ideas, updated every Wednesday.

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